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Allegro Nail Parlour offers the most affordable and professional nail services in El Paso, Texas. We focus on our customers' safety needs satisfaction to ensure they are satisfied with their experience at Allegros. You can come in for a manicure or pedicures. Get your nails done with us today!

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We are revolutionizing the nail industry with our cutting-edge, high quality products and services. We offer manicures and pedicures as well as acrylic nails for those who want long lasting results without breaking their budget. Our salon brings together some of today’s top trends with mid-priced products to make your next mani or pedi perfect. With an expert staff that wants nothing more than for you have a relaxing experience at home, we’re always trying new things so check back often as our services continue evolving just like hair does on weekends.

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Pedicures are a popular beauty treatment that involve trimming, shaping, and polish the toenails and feet. Pedicures are not just for women; men can also benefit from regular pedicures. Pedicures help to improve the appearance of the feet and can also prevent problems such as ingrown toenails.


A manicure is a cosmetic beauty treatment for the nails and hands. The main purpose of a manicure is to clean and shape the nails, but it can also involve applying polish and other treatments. Manicures generally take around 30 minutes to complete, and they can be quite relaxing.

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There's nothing like a luxurious manicure to make you feel put together and polished. Whether you're treating yourself or getting pampered at a salon, luxurious nails are the perfect finishing touch. From sparkling gemstones to intricate designs, there are endless ways to style your nails.

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Affordable nail salons are becoming increasingly popular, as people seek out ways to save money on beauty treatments. Allegro Nail Parlour is one such salon, offering a range of services at prices that are highly competitive. The staff are experienced and professional, and the salon offers a wide range of nail colours and styles to choose from. manicures and pedicures are both available, as well as a range of other treatments. 

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